This is how our sensor solution works

  1. A sensor and an external antenna is installed in every water and sewage well. The installation is very simple, and the battery in the sensor will last for up to 10 years.
  2. The sensor is connected to LPWAN/LoRa and measures overflow and indirect flow with high reliability, while also communicating with a cloud-based system in real-time.
  3. The cloud-based system visualizes the exact measurements and instantly shows what is going on in every water and sewage well.

WakeUp – smart measuring with low energy consumption

Our sensors are equipped with WakeUp – a unique function that automatically activates and gives ”early warning” when the water in the wells reach critical levels. When Wake-Up is activated, the frequency of measuring can increase up to 30 times per hour. This means:

  1. You will be able to pinpoint how each water and sewage well acts under special circumstances. Our cloud-based system also generates a basis for overflow rapports – with exact measurements for each well.
  2. You can carefully follow the Realtime liquid level in your water and sewage wells, quickly get a clear overview of the overflow and always plan your proactive actions well in advance.

Low energy consumption.  Our Wake-Up function has yet another advantage: high reliability and low energy consumption. The function is only activated when the water level in the well demands an increased frequency of measuring. At all other times, the sensor will measure with a normal frequency. This allows the battery in the sensor to last for up to 10 years. You as a user have full autonomy to set these trigger levels for the Wake-up function, based on your waste water system that you are monitoring.

The liquid level monitor AXsensor uses an acoustic pulse with low frequency and extremely low power consumption. The AXsensor is powered by batteries with a running time of 3-10 years. All electronics are outside the tank and the AXsensor transmits an acoustic pulse, through a measuring tube (waveguide) to the surface of the liquid, which measures the time calibrated for temperature. The AXsensor has a built-in antenna that communicates using the Sigfox (LPWAN) network and is certified according to Sigfox Ready.


Easy installation

Our acoustic sensor is very easy to install, with very little impact on the well. Furthermore, the installation is fast – several sensors can be installed in one day. All of this contributes to a good working environment.

This is how you install our sensors:

  1. A sensor is rappelled down with a wire. The wire is then attached to the wall of the well with a bolt.
  2. An antenna is attached at the top of the well, with the help of a magnetic fastener.
  3. Done! The well is now connected and ready to transmit exact measuring data.

For more information – download our information sheet.


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