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Distribution – refilling at the right time

Want to stop stoppage? Governed by your needs, our cloud-based IoT service makes sure that your containers are filled at the right time – without you having to measure any liquid levels by yourself or spend manual time handling transports.

This results in a sustainable, smooth and smart process of distribution that eliminates unwanted stoppage – and enables a better working environment.

AXsensor is easy. This is how it works:

• Acoustic and battery-operated online sensors measure the liquid levels in your containers with high reliability.

• A web-based system compiles these measurements and notifies your suppliers when it’s time for filling.

• Each sensor is connected to the location and a specific container with a unique ID number. When the empty container is collected, the sensor is smoothly removed and then placed in the new, full container. The sensor then continues to automatically send measurement data.


The benefits of AXsensor:

• Acoustic sensors – our smart, wireless, and battery-operated sensor uses an acoustic pulse to measure the liquid level. This results in high reliability. Thanks to its very low power consumption, the sensor has a long run time.
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• A personalized dashboard – our web-based system is user-friendly and easy to customize, while giving you a total overview of all the trends, graphs and curves you wish to see. Read more..

• Low-power wide-area network – all the measurement data is transferred from the sensor to our web-based system using the low-power wide-area networks Sigfox or LoRa.Read more..

• Support – our acoustic sensor does not require any service. But, you are always welcome to contact us if you need advice or have any questions. Feel free to get in touch..

”Since we insist on sustainability, our collaboration with AXsensor feels both safe and exciting. With the help of their modern sensor solution we can offer our customers environmentally conscious and cost-effective oil monitoring.”

– Mikael Fredriksson

CEO of XOIL Sweden AB

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Sensor technical data

Remote Monitoring

LoRa and Sigfox


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