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Smart Realtime measuring of overflow and leakage detection in water and sewage wells

– We enable the connected city

A smart and sustainable city must be able to prevent overflow. With our cloud-based sensor solution, it’s easy to monitor and manage water and sewage systems in real-time. In short, AXsensor enables smart and sustainable solutions for the connected city.

Realtime level measurement on overflows and high-level alarms

As legislations become stricter, the requirements for overflow rapports become greater. With our cloud-based sensor solution you can efficiently measure the overflow in your water and sewer systems with high reliability. This makes it easy for you to get a clear overview of your overflows.

When cities grow and densify, ”bottlenecks” appear in the existing water and sewer systems. This can result in overflow. With our cloud-based sensor solution, you get clear RealTime level measuring with ”early warning” – an alarm function that notifies you as soon as the waters in your wells reach critical levels. This allows you to get to know your water and sewer system and be able to identify problematic areas. By doing so, you are able to quickly prevent flooding caused by either heavy rain.

Realtime level measurement for detecting of unwanted water in the wastewater system

New applications of the sensor technology are constantly being evolved. An additional area to use Realtime level measurement is to detect leakage of unwanted water in the wastewater system. When combining the monitoring of the water level in the wastewater system with rain data from rain sensors and/or SMHI, will result in potential leakage detection and therefor a priority on where to perform maintenance on the wastewater system.

A sustainable solution

Current climate changes result in increased amounts of stormwater. Our sensor solution enables you to efficiently monitor the amount of unclean sewer water, which will help to save the environment. Since this also helps you to prevent flooding, you will be able to avoid both problems and costs. And thanks to the very easy installation of our sensors, you will save time while also providing the installers with a better working environment. In short, our sensor solution is very helpful to municipalities that value sustainability.

This is unique about AXsensor:

– Robust sensors that can be drowned.
– Measurements with high reliability.
– WakeUp: an automatic function that gives
early warning and can send measurement data every other minute.
– Very low energy consumption and long lasting battery (up to 10 years).
– Very easy installation: one bolt, one wire and one magnetic fastener.
A sensor with +50 granted patents.
Easy installation that requires little space inside the manhole, which maintains the easy access for service personal.

We enable the smart and sustainable city

AXsensor plays an important role in the development of the concept Smart City. Our cloud-based sensor solution is developed to monitor and manage water and sewage systems, and enable measuring data in real-time. It’s a smart IoT application that makes it easy for you to monitor and manage the overflow and water levels in your water and sewage well systems. With our help, it is possible to build a smart and sustainable city that can handle the challenges of both today and tomorrow. For more information – download our information sheet.

Kristianstad is first to go big

We have been trusted to deliver smart sensors for measuring overflow in the project ”Smart VA in Kristianstad municipality”. With the help of our acoustic sensors and an own LoRaWAN network, the municipality can now follow everything that is going on in their water and sewage system in real-time. Personnel in charge of the water and sewage unit now receive current measurement data visualized on a platform. This makes it easy for them to monitor and manage everything that is happening in the water and sewage system.

Overflow is a growing problem, much due to the increasing climate changes we face all over the world. This problem is extra noticeable when stormwater, caused by to heavy rain, flood the sewage system. AXsensor is a part of the solution – with the help of our sensors you will get total control over the overflow situation in your water and sewage systems. Would you like to know more about the project ”Smart VA in Kristianstad municipality”? Feel free to contact us here.

”We are very happy and proud to a part of this project as suppliers of smart and connected sensors. Smart VA is an IoT project that aims to benefit the society and create a better life for the residents of Karlstad municipality. This trust that we have been given prove that AXsensor plays an important role in both the digitalization of Sweden and the building of the smart, connected city.”

Jan Boström VD AXsensor AB

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