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Basic description of the AXsensor’s measurement of liquid levels for distribution

All electronics outside the tank

  • Wireless connection
  • Alarms mobile, tablet or computer
  • Simple installation – plug’n’play
  • No external power supply
  • Measures up to the tank top
  • SLS – Sonic Level Sensing
  • Robust real-time measurement
  • Works for most liquids

The liquid level monitor AXsensor uses an acoustic pulse with low frequency and extremely low power consumption. The AXsensor is powered by batteries with a running time of 3-10 years. All electronics are outside the tank and the AXsensor transmits an acoustic pulse, through a measuring tube (waveguide) to the surface of the liquid, which measures the time calibrated for temperature. The AXsensor has a built-in antenna that communicates using the LoRa (LPWAN) and Sigfox network.

The AXsensor is mounted on the top of the tank

Most important benefits

  • Smart, simple and robust
  • Reliable, maintenance-free and cost-effective
  • Easy installation, wireless connection without cable installation – plug’n’play
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – Cloud service that can be read on mobile, tablet or computer
  • Measures all the way up in the tube/tank roof (no dead band)
  • Reliable measurement even in foam and turbulence. Nor is it disturbed by physical obstacles (stag / tubes / beams)
  • The length of the measuring tube is completely adaptable
  • No need for calibration during installation

Technical data

Operation range

0-3 meters. Measures from 0 – 100 %, No dead band


Resolution 0,1 mm
Accuracy +/- 5 mm (normal conditions)


110 x 80 x 25mm


LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network).
The AXsensor mainly use LoRaWAN to communicate.
Read more here

Sigfox – LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network)
see further Sigfox website for current and planned coverage


1 pc. AA Lithium – 3,6 V


Enclosure ABS/PC
Measuring pipe: PE or any other material that is suitable

Electrical protection

Not necessary in battery driven devices

Standard connection of sensor housing (adaptions)

G ¾ inch (R20) BSP (Whitworth)

Temperature Range for operating and storage

-20 – + 50 C


AXsensor visits IWA 2022 in Copenhagen!

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