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Wireless, cloud-based liquid level control

AXsensor enables you to lower your costs while helping the environment. With acoustic sensors and a web-based system we make sure that your containers are emptied or filled at the right time – without you having to measure any liquid levels by yourself or spend manual time handling transports. AXsensor does it for you. Our climate positive IoT service is wireless, cloud-based, governed by your needs and very easy to implement. Good news for your business, good news for our planet.

Water and Sewage Monitoring

A smart and sustainable city must be able to prevent overflow. With our cloud-based sensor solution, it’s easy to monitor and manage water and sewage systems in real-time.

In short, AXsensor enables smart and sustainable solutions for the connected city.

Recycling – emptying at the right time

Want to slice your CO2 in half? Our smart IoT solution makes sustainability easy. Governed by your needs, AXsensor makes sure that your containers are emptied at the right time – every time. This way you reduce your recycling transports by 50%, while saving both time and resources. Good for your economy, good for the ecology.

Distribution – filling at the right time

Want to stop stoppage? Governed by your needs, our cloud-based IoT solution measures the liquid levels in your containers and handles the distribution of your liquids without interruption.

The result: a smooth, sustainable and self-acting process of distribution – to and from your containers.


We are now underway at Vatten2023!

We want to welcome you to Vatten2023 and booth B:04:52 where Dahl exhibits the AXsensor. Take the opportunity to ask your questions and take part [...]

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