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Recycling – Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor your tanks anywhere in the world. The AXsensor allows you to easily control and change settings from our web portal. Monitor and optimize inventory management and distribution based on location and level reports directly from your web browser.

It will be possible to sort on different parameters to see information and historical trends for one or more tanks. More detailed information about a particular tank can be seen by clicking on it. AXsensor’s control panel is customizable so the user can choose what kind of information about the tanks to be displayed.


A map can show all tanks and containers. This also enables information and support to achieve optimal logistics for the tanks. This leads to increased durability, better efficiency and reduced resource utilization.

Yellow and red warning alarms can be set for each tank. The system can generate different activities, such as sending an e-mail / SMS, when an alarm occurs. With the AXsensor your containers are emptied at the right time, this results in a reduction of transport by 50%! This enables you to save time and resources while improving sustainability.

AXsensor’s remote monitoring solution is built on Microsoft Azure, platform is fully scalable and can handle millions of future AXsensors.


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