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Always control the liquid levels in fuel tanks all over the place

AXsensor’s solution momentarily monitors levels in fuel tanks. In this way, new fuel can always be delivered on time. In addition, the customer himself can control the actual fuel volume and discover if leakage occurs or if the tank is being stolen. It is possible to install the AXsensor for remote tank monitoring in many different use cases such as tanks in agriculture, barrels, ADR tanks and IBC containers. The installation is very simple – completely without any cable installation or calibration.



Kretslopp & Vatten in Gothenburg chooses the AXsensor

After extensive long-term tests, Kretslopp & Vatten has evaluated various technologies and formulated a strategy on how to proceed: "Kretslopp & Vatten has decided to carry out extensive measurements at [...]

We are now underway at Vatten2023!

We want to welcome you to Vatten2023 and booth B:04:52 where Dahl exhibits the AXsensor. Take the opportunity to ask your questions and take part in the campaign where, until [...]

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